Do You Trust the Media? Former Hollywood Liberal Weighs In (Video and Short Article)


With all the lies and corruption that have been spilled by Wikileaks about the collusion between mainstream media and the Democratic party, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton, you’d think that “finally, it’s all been exposed for everyone to see.”

Except that so many liberals aren’t exposed to this news. Liberals fiercely dedicated to the likes of CNN, ABC, Politico, BBC, MSNBC, etc. simply aren’t seeing this news. Why would they? The lefty-bias that mainstream media hugs to themselves like a five-year old and his teddy bear gains nothing by letting their viewers and readers know the truth.

Too many people are unaware that MSNBC was being told what to do by the DNC. That Politico is on a leash for the Democrats. That the Washington Post has a DNC-Clinton shill on their payroll. And too many more to post here.

Any attempt to inform loyal followers of lefty mainstream media channels that the Democratic party and their beloved media channels are canoodling very intimately in bed together is generally met with anger towards the informer, disbelief of the informer, and then disgust towards the informer. Strangely, never anger or disgust at the actual corruption.

It doesn’t make any difference how much fact or evidence the informer has. Most modern liberals dig in their heels and combat any narrative that doesn’t fit into the story that their politicians, their media, and the ‘oh so wise’ Hollywood celebs drive into their brains day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…

Ironically, they will turn to conservatives or Constitutionally minded people, and point the finger of blame for society’s ills on them.


Little do they realize that their belief in a big, centralized government that “cares” about them and wants to do what’s right by the American people is about as realistic as the Easter bunny.

Little do they realize that as government power and finances grows, the personal liberties and incomes of the citizens shrink. You can’t have both.


Human fallibility and corruptibility destroys any ability for any government to remain moral, honest, benign, and truthful. Simply because government is people. If you read about the fall of the Roman Empire, it could easily read in today’s era because in over 2,000 years, human beings haven’t changed at all.

Technology has changed. Scientific and medical advancements have improved our lifestyles. But human beings are always the same. Corruptible. This is why massive power should never be given to any one person or one group of people. Especially to make decisions for hundreds of millions of other people. Our founding fathers understood this and wrote it into our Constitution.

Over the years, those salivating at the mouth for power and desiring to build wealth and live the elite lifestyle from fraudulently duping taxpayers (erm, Obama and Clinton are great examples) have eroded the power of the Constitution by growing their own state power. And many in our country have not only let them, but have cheered them on. It’s like watching slaves cheer on their slave masters who are tightening their chains.

Michelle Cova and Christopher Greene of AMTV open up about the media, Hollywood, and the corruption we’re faced with and what we can do about it, if anything.

The Freedom Friend uses the measuring stick of freedom to measure if policies, laws, or arguments are right and fair for everyone. Try it. If you believe in something, ask yourself “Is it fair and equal to everyone? Or just to some groups?”

Our Founding Fathers created a document unlike any other in history. The United States Constitution. It gave American citizens – ALL citizens – protection of their freedoms and natural rights by limiting the power of the government. In all of human history, government has always oppressed the masses. Not companies. Not corporations. But tyrants. Dictators. Monarchs. Autocrats. Royal families. Governments. The people in charge of our laws, money creation, and military. Our goal is to help people recognize politicians’ truths, or hidden agendas, by using the measurement of universal freedom for everyone to make better life decisions.

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