The Real Slavery Debate Wasn’t North vs. South But the Anti-Slavery Republicans and the Pro-Slavery Democrats


“Number one, most Southerners did not own slaves. Most confederates did not own slaves. And the Northern Democrats, led by Stephen Douglas, protected slavery with the same zeal as the Southern Democrats. Right away you see this isn’t just a north/south issue. The real slavery debate was between the anti-slavery Republicans and the pro-slavery Democrats. So that is the first chapter of this narrative in which you see the Democrats are really implicated in the worst horrors of modern history.” —Dinesh D’Souza

Decimated Black Communities Are Urban “Plantations”


“And it’s actually remarkable how similar the urban plantation is to the old rural plantation. This is not just some kind of general analogy. Think of the ram shackle dwellings of slave quarters on the slave plantation — you can find those [today] in inner city Oakland. Think about the amount of violence that’s necessary to hold the place together because slavery was based on force. Similarly today, cops have the toughest jobs in the inner city just holding the place together.” -Dinesh D’Souza

Do You Trust the Media? Former Hollywood Liberal Weighs In (Video and Short Article)

With all the lies and corruption that have been spilled by Wikileaks about the collusion between mainstream media and the Democratic party, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton, you'd think that "finally, it's all been exposed for everyone to see."

Except that so many liberals aren't exposed to this news. Liberals fiercely dedicated to the likes of CNN, ABC, Politico, BBC, MSNBC, etc. simply aren't seeing this news. Why would they? The lefty-bias that mainstream media hugs to themselves like a five-year old and his teddy bear gains nothing by letting their viewers and readers know the truth.

Too many people are unaware that MSNBC was being told what to do by the DNC. That Politico is on a leash for the Democrats. That the Washington Post has a DNC-Clinton shill on their payroll. And too many more to post here.