Real Steps You Can Take to Turn Your Ideas & Goals Into Successful Reality


How to take an idea and actually make it into successful, material reality.


Happy New Year Freedom Lovers! Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about useless and frivolous New Year’s resolutions. This is about something so much more important.

It’s 2016 and I wanted to offer information that could realistically help Americans during this time of economic crisis.

Crisis? Yeah I know. Many don’t realize we are in a time of crisis. Our government likes to say we are in recovery. But there is no recovery.

The Federal Reserve has had to print money out of thin air and purchase toxic assets in order to make the last 7 years (since the bubble popped in 2008) look like a recovery.

But it’s a phony recovery.

A phony recovery backed by the Fed inflating our money supply with more dollars backed by nothing. It’s no different than them just creating their own credit cards and borrowing from themselves. They allow the American government to spend as much as they like without directly raising taxes on us. Only it is a tax. A silent tax. Inflating the money supply is a tax that devalues the very dollars in our pockets, purses, and bank accounts.

The money that is printed by the Fed, and spent by politicians, has to be paid back by American taxpayers. And we, not the Fed, have to pay the politicians’ exorbitant spending bill with real money we earn. That’s the thing most Americans do not seem to understand. For a super clear and interesting video on this process click here.

Since 2006, America’s TOTAL money supply has increased 400%! That’s a lot of dollars! And those dollars don’t represent more value or products being created in our economy. No. Those dollars are printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve! It’s not backed by anything of value. It’s monopoly money! It’s not sustainable. Our public debt has more than doubled since 2006 thanks to Bush and Obama. Mostly Obama. The US dollar cannot be trusted. Our system cannot be trusted. Our economy is tanking.

We are on a direct collision course toward financial disaster.

Our government has indulged in incredible financial and economic irresponsibility. They have made a series of disastrous monetary decisions. So, how can you rely on the very people who are breaking our system to help you?

We have a president who has spent more money and put every citizen of the United States of America into more debt than any other president in history. We have record numbers of people who are no longer working in the labor force, despite the government’s doctored unemployment numbers. Economic data is terrible. Retail sales are terrible. Corporate earnings are horrible. The stock market is falling because the Fed has raised the interest rate a teeny tiny quarter of a percent, but our economy is too weak to handle even that. All of this is going to lead to more businesses losing money and more people losing their jobs.

Which brings me to what this article is about. Helping you take control of your life and being able to take your ideas and successfully turn them into reality. Now is the time to understand that you can achieve the life you desire, even in these dismal economic times.

How do you materialize an idea you have in your head into tangible, real life results?

I want to give you the info that helps you turn ideas into reality. Every product and service that exists in the world started in the invisible ether of someone’s mind. And it took certain steps (usually many steps) to bring those invisible ideas into real life.

Below are some great resources that have those answers. Forget the useless resolutions. Here’s to 2016 becoming the year you create something in the world that was only a thought in your head! Whether it’s a healthier fit body, finding the right partner in life, building a business, inventing a product, earning more money, offering a new service, etc…There are real steps you can take to significantly achieve these and change your life for the better.

FOCUS. Focus and imagination seem to be the most influential factors when it comes to turning invisible ideas into material reality. My business and real estate coach used to hammer this into my mind every single meeting we had. He said FOCUS stood for Follow One Course Until Success. I had so many ideas I wanted to pursue and he said I needed to FOCUS on one at a time if I wanted to see success.

One of my favorite books of all time is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  This is a must read. This book not only redefined my life but has impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of successful and prosperous individuals over the last few decades. Every word in this book is rich with solutions and concrete steps on how to create what you want in your life. You may need to read it a few times to really get it. I have read it five times already. I love it.

This post is bigger than simple money or lifestyle goals. This is about improving and elevating your life. Below are concrete steps you can take to achieve and prosper. But it will take work, focus, and dedication. Let this new year, 2016, be the year you do something incredible for your life. Even as the government works to dismantle America’s prosperous lifestyle.


This is a capitalistic country, it was developed through the use of capital, and we who claim the right to partake of the blessings of freedom and opportunity, we who seek to accumulate riches here, may as well know that neither riches nor opportunity would be available to us if ORGANIZED CAPITAL had not provided these benefits.

CAPITAL consists not alone of money, but more particularly of highly organized, intelligent groups of [people] who plan ways and means of using money efficiently for the good of the public, and profitably to themselves.They pioneer, experiment, and blaze trails in new fields of endeavor. They support colleges, hospitals, public schools, build good roads, publish newspapers, pay most of the cost of government, and take care of the multitudinous detail essential to human progress.

You should know the full truth concerning this FREEDOM of which so many people boast, and so few understand. As great as it is, as far as it reaches, as many privileges as it provides, IT DOES NOT, AND CANNOT BRING RICHES WITHOUT EFFORT. There is but one dependable method of accumulating, and legally holding riches, and that is by rendering useful service. (Meaning, you have to give something – a product, service, labor…)

There is a principle known as the law of ECONOMICS! It is a law no man can beat. Mark well the name of the principle, and remember it, because it is far more powerful than all the politicians and political machines. It is above and beyond the control of all the labor unions. It cannot be swayed, nor influenced nor bribed by racketeers or self-appointed leaders in any calling. IT HAS AN ALL-SEEING EYE, AND A PERFECT SYSTEM OF BOOKKEEPING, in which it keeps an accurate account of the transactions of every human being engaged in the business of trying to get without giving.


The “System” denies no one this right, but it does not, and cannot promise SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, because the system, itself, is irrevocably controlled by the LAW OF ECONOMICS which neither recognizes nor tolerate for long, GETTING WITHOUT GIVING (welfare). The LAW OF ECONOMICS was passed by Nature!

The practice, by Government officials of extending to men and women the privilege of raiding the public treasury in return for votes (sound familiar?), sometimes results in election, but as night follows day, the final payoff comes; when every penny wrongfully used, must be repaid with compound interest on compound interest. If those who make the grab are not forced to repay, the burden falls on their children, and their children’s children, “even unto the third and fourth generations.” There is no way to avoid the debt. (Do you hear that Obama? Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care.)

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How many times have you been in a meeting and someone says to you, “That’s a great idea, you should take the initiative and make it a reality.” What typically happens? Most of the time – nothing.  Most great ideas remain dormant because people don’t have the courage, resources, time and/or money to take action. And for those who take action, most are unprepared and thus find themselves spending their valuable time and money on a dream that simply goes astray.

Converting an idea into a reality (regardless of the required investment of time and money) is never an easy task. In fact, it is extremely difficult. Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate executive, “giving ideas life” is much like giving birth to a child. You must own the responsibility regardless of the circumstances. No one will ever understand your idea or the dynamics associated with it like you do. In this regard, you are on your own and the journey will require you to learn about yourself – more than anything else will in your career.

As the old saying goes, “If it were easy – everyone would do it.”

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Einstein said that “knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Nikola Tesla, one of history’s most fascinating innovators and a futurist, was a man of legendary imaginative power. Tesla had an eidetic memory that enabled him to precisely recall images, visualize objects and literally work out his inventions in his imagination. Once he was inspired by an idea, he would start building it up in his imagination to the point of first operating an invention in his brain as if it were real, before proceeding to its concrete form.

The definiteness of purpose has been described as the greatest principle of all in the formula of success, being the force of psychological charge and the focus of direction of all action for the big achievers and leaders of this life. Taught by Aristotle to Alexander the Great, held in the minds of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, and singled out by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, focus and determination are the qualities possessed by big winners.

When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett first met, Gate’s mother – who was on dinner-hosting duties – asked everyone around that table to identify the single most important factor accredited for their success through life. Gates and Buffett gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.” 

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Shubham Banerjee is an eighth grade student from Santa Clara, California and one of the world’s youngest company founders and CEOs, at 13 years old. Using his love of Lego and a few accessories from a hardware store, he developed an open source DIY braille printer, dubbed “Braigo v1.0”, for $350. It uses a pin to poke small holes in braille onto inexpensive receipt paper. With the help of his parents, he started Braigo Labs Inc. (Brai-lle and Le-go) in Palo Alto, California in Silicon Valley, the perfect location for a tech start-up. 

His idea was sparked after someone left a flyer at his doorstep requesting donations for the blind. 

He asked his parents “How do blind people read?” and they told him to “Google it”. Shubham did just that and spent three weeks designing, building, programming, and calibrating Braigo v1.0.

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I consider myself a bit of a hoarder.

I hoard ideas as well, in the form of unchecked points on my to-do list. I keep thinking that I will get to them when I have time, but I never seem to have the right time. So I just keep these points on my list.

And I think that a lot of people can relate to this. There’s always that great novel you want to write, or a sweet new board game you want to create. Or perhaps you want to develop a website, or submit an op-ed to the local newspaper. So many things most of us want to do, and yet many of us never get around to checking those things off the to-do list.

And you know what? It’s time to face the truth. If we are ever going to get things done, we have to make the conscious effort to accomplish them.

Think about it. We have all experienced that one moment where you suddenly think of this great idea, made a mental note to yourself to get back to it later, and then just forgot all about it. Or perhaps you didn’t forget, but continue procrastinate on the project.

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There’s a huge gap between having goals and accomplishing them. The act of writing down your goals plays an important part in closing this gap. According to a study done on Harvard MBA students, within ten year’s time, the students who had written down their goals were making ten times as much as their classmates who hadn’t written down their goals.

Here’s how to write down your goals effectively and help you accomplish them:

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