Many people don’t know about the roots and history of Planned Parenthood. Abortions do not liberate women. They assist in murder. They injure the mother physically and psychologically. 

Science has already proven that human life begins at conception. Instead of funding abortions, why don’t we fund adoptions? If women are not ready to have a baby in their lives, there are thousands of loving families on waiting lists who are dying to have a child they can love, nurture, take care of and build their families.

If you are pregnant and you are not ready for a child in your life, instead of taking that life, please grow him/her for 9 months in your womb and kindly adopt them out to a family who is ready and excited to welcome a child into their home.

Read more books about abortion and Planned Parenthood.


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The Freedom Friend uses the measuring stick of freedom to measure if policies, laws, or issues are right and fair for everyone. Try it. If you believe in something, ask yourself “Is it fair and equal to everyone? Or just to some groups?”

Our Founding Fathers created a document unlike any other in history. The United States Constitution. It gave American citizens – ALL citizens – protection of their freedoms and natural rights by limiting the power of the government.

In all of human history, GOVERNMENTS have always oppressed the masses. Not companies. Not corporations. But tyrants. Dictators. Monarchs. Autocrats. Royal families. Governments. The people in charge of our laws, money creation, and military.

My goal is to help people recognize politicians’ truths, lies, and hidden agendas, by using the measurements of morality and universal freedom for everyone to make better life decisions.

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