How Did The Land of the Free Stop Being Free? (Video & Short article)


When I was in Beijing I was quickly shushed by the taxi driver for saying a critical comment about China’s communist government. He said I couldn’t criticize the government. No one can.

When I was in Singapore, the local Singaporeans grumbled about how they couldn’t rely on their newspapers because the government owned the sole media outlet in Singapore. They had to get their news from overseas.

When I was in Australia, I was overwhelmed by how expensive everything was, especially houses. A small, one hundred year old shack with no renovations, heat, or gas hooked up to it was over $2 Million. When I researched why EVERYTHING was so expensive I discovered it was because of Australia’s strict government regulations, taxes, and laws (which you can read here) and the Australian citizens had no say. In fact, they don’t even have any say in who their prime minister is.

When I was in England, their government healthcare system, the NHS, was in crash and burn mode. They had run out of money. Citizens were already taxed at 50% and over 30% of doctors were leaving Great Britain to find jobs in countries that were more economically sustainable. Hospitals were running with bare bones staff and the medical community was exhausted from being overworked and underpaid.

When my mother lived in Malaysia, she had no freedom and no opportunities because the government discriminated against the Chinese people. When my father lived in Poland and Russia, behind the iron curtain, he had no freedom and no opportunities because communism wasn’t about community (as the word suggests). It was about the elites having power and control over everything. People lived (and still live) hard lives in these places. That’s why my parents left. They moved to a country they thought had freedom and economic opportunity.

And here we are. America. And is she freer than those other countries? She used to be. Not anymore.

The United States is a completely different country from what she was when the Founding Fathers created her. Or even compared to her first 150 years of existence. Heck, America was even a lot freer all the way up to 2001.

Why the United States of America is in Decline

America is different because our government has grown, and grown into a monstrosity. People in the government have taken most of the power from the American citizens and given it to themselves with their own laws. They have convinced some of us that they take this power with the intention to “take care of us.” And some of us have nodded in agreement and let them.

But as we know by every government institution that exists, government doesn’t really take care of us. They take care of themselves. With taxpayer money. And legislating themselves power over the citizens.

Our lifestyle will continue to decline, like all these other countries, as long as America continues to allow the federal government to continue to grow in power by controlling things like our welfare, healthcare, banks, companies, and our freedoms.

Below, Judge Napolitano gives a great speech about the Constitution and how it is meant to limit the government in order to give We, The People, our freedoms. And he goes on to illustrate what happens when the Constitution is completely ignored by our government. Scarily, it’s what our lives look like today.

Unfortunately, it looks like this great speech got him fired from Fox Business and his show was cancelled. When did the Land of the Free stop allowing freedom of speech?

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