How Did The Land of the Free Stop Being Free? (Video & Short article)

When I was in Beijing I was quickly shushed by the taxi driver for saying a critical comment about China's communist government. He said I couldn't criticize the government. No one can.

When I was in Singapore, the local Singaporeans grumbled about how they couldn't rely on their newspapers because the government owned the sole media outlet in Singapore. They had to get their news from overseas.

If You Love America, And Your Rights, You Will Never Ever Call It a Democracy (Video & Article)

DEMOCRACY ~ You think you know this word, right? This word is misused more than I breathe air. Especially this sentence: “America is a democracy.” This is the most commonly incorrect statement that I have come across in the world. Everywhere I have traveled, from England to Singapore to Costa Rica and back to America, I find countless people mistakenly thinking that America is a democracy. They. Are. Wrong.

Are you thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought America was a democracy!”?