Paris, Islamists, and Why Obama Refuses to Call a Chicken a Chicken


The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.


The attack on Paris was gut wrenching. As someone who lived in New York and not only witnessed the planes hitting the buildings first hand, but experienced the fear of 9/11 and the aftermath, I can’t pray enough for the people of France. This is the deadliest violence on their soil since World War II.

There are things happening in the aftermath of Paris, though, that are questionable and lead to concerns about this tragedy not being dealt with appropriately and leading to more tragedies like this. People are worried that places like Rome, London, and DC are next. (Since the writing of this post, it’s now 2019, hundreds of attacks and tragedies like this has occurred in Europe.)

What I am most concerned about is that Americans never get the full picture of certain crimes because our mainstream media and some of our politicians refuse to tell the whole truth.

For example, they are reluctant to say the race of a criminal if the one in question is black or Muslim. They are reluctant to say the religion of a criminal unless it’s a Christian, then they are happy to shout that out over the air waves. The double standard is staggering. Can we call these cases political correctness?

Political correctness has its place. And it originated from good intentions. But now we’ve gone overboard. People are different. They have distinguishing characteristics about them. We are not all mono-robots. And it’s okay to use descriptive words to describe our differences. And if our characteristics are used to describe us if we commit a crime, that makes sense!


For example, our own American president refuses to use words that properly and appropriately describe the reality of events that are happening. Watch every press conference he speaks in.


Even author and 2008 Vice presidential candidate, Wayne Root, noticed this and remarked about it in one of his Tweets after the attack on France.

Even author and 2008 Vice presidential candidate, Wayne Root, noticed this and remarked about it in one of his Tweets after the attack on France.


Time after time, crime after crime, he skirts around using the words that would precisely describe the people involved in committing the crime. But only in certain instances. He’ll dodge having to say a black or Muslim person committed a crime but he’s happy to immediately mention if a white person commits a crime. He protects certain groups by not describing them in their crimes. Why?

Some argue it’s not important to know race, gender, religion, or background of a criminal. Of course it is! What if one group of people are responsible for the majority of crimes? Knowing this can help catch them. Can help lawful citizens be careful. Can help determine motive. Can help decipher a cultural or moral deficiency. Can help us determine what influences in that group are leading to crime. Can help us see if our own laws are causing problems. Can help us see if someone is declaring war on us! There are a multitude of good reasons we, the People, need to know who is committing crimes against us.


Clear communication is imperative to understand truth. Which is pretty important. Truth helps us protect ourselves and make right decisions for our lives. So how do we improve communication in our lives?

Universal standards in our language. This seems pretty basic. And yet it’s not adhered to. Especially by those in power.

Use the proper words and names of things. It’s about practical communication. Without commonly accepted terms you cannot have a sensible discussion with anyone.

Like Confucius says, “the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” For example, we call chicken ‘chicken’. And yet, for some reason, we do not call beef ‘cow’ or ham ‘pig’. We all know it is easier to sell something if you pretty up the name. Clearly, ‘The Affordable Care Act‘ sounds much better than ‘The Expensive, Limited, Hard to Sign Up For, We’ll Cancel the Insurance That You Like And Force You to Buy Insurance You Don’t Like Or We Will Fine Your Sorry Ass Act‘.

But I digress.


Let’s look at the tragic Paris attack.

  • The Islamic State group have outright claimed they are responsible.

  • Witnesses say the Paris attackers shouted, “It’s for Syria!” and also mentioned Iraq during the attacks.

  • The attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest)

  • A man arrested in connection to the attack reportedly told officials “I am ISIS.”

  • The discovery of a Syrian passport by a killer’s body indicates that at least one of the men linked to the attacks was a refugee who came into Europe through Greece.

  • Associated Press states, “The Islamic State group claimed responsibility in an online statement in Arabic and French circulated by supporters. It was not immediately possible to confirm the authenticity of the claim, which bore the group’s logo and resembled previous verified statements from the group.”

And yet, Obama says we shouldn’t speculate about the allegiance of the attackers.

President Obama, I think it’s okay to speculate in this circumstance. When it’s pretty clear the suicide bombers are not, say, Australian or Scottish. When suicide bombers are generally linked to Islamic radicals. When the Islamic State is claiming they did it.

Is it really that hard for you to speculate they are behind the Paris attacks when, not only have the Islamic State group said they did it, they have claimed responsibility for several other recent attacks? See below:

  • The twin suicide bombings in Beirut on November 12th killed at least 43 people and wounded more than 200.

  • The suicide blast and a roadside bombing on Nov. 13th that targeted Shiites in Baghdad and killed 26 people.

  • The bombed Russian plane that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Oct. 31, killing 224 people.

And these are all just in the last three weeks! President Obama still refuses to properly call out who the attackers are – Islamists.

Are there plenty of Muslims that are not psychopathic, suicidal killers? Of course! But not communicating to the public the religion, background, and race of these killers is a crime itself. Tell the American people the truth.

The way Obama behaves suggests there is something beyond political correctness going on. Many people, during his presidency, have suggested he is Muslim. Or at least a huge sympathizer.

Earlier the day of the Islamic attacks on Paris, Obama actually said “From the start our goal has been first to contain (ISIS), and we have contained them.”

This is just one of a thousand remarks that Obama has said during his presidency that would suggest the President is either cluelessly incompetent; ill-informed by the supposedly strongest military and information collecting government in the world; is a Shiite Muslim himself; or he is straight up delusional. What do you think?


Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, has no problem calling a chicken a chicken, a Christian a Christian, a Muslim a Muslim, and anything else that needs to be called by its real name.

Watch his video that really explains what we’re dealing with when it comes to these attacks in western cities by, dare I say it? Yes! Islamist terrorists! Some are even refugees taken in by the hospitality of western countries.


I like Molyneux’s message in this video. He says we have one job in this world, if we are civilized human beings. If we are strong and reasonable human beings who care about the struggle towards virtue in an increasingly darkening world. And that job is to fight evil. And evil is not fought, fundamentally, through any kind of weaponry. Evil is fought with one thing, and one thing only, and that is the courage to tell the truth.


or if it makes you upset, or if it makes you bothered, or if it makes you feel queasy, or if it makes you want to run for a hug and a safe room. I don’t care. The courage to see and tell the truth. About culture. About religiosity. About compatibility. About Western values. And groups who do not share those Western values do not share a respect for science, reason and evidence, philosophy, a respect for the rights of women, a respect for “innocent until proven guilty”, a respect for negotiation over aggression. You have one job in this world. And that is not to surrender to the cowardly delusions that have you avoid the necessary courage that you need to fight evil.


(that all these Muslim refugees are trying to benefit from)? [Despite] lots of flaws. Lots of problems. Why do we still have a decent civilization in the West? Because our ancestors fought for freedom. Our ancestors fought against tyranny and murder. And it’s our job to keep it going! THAT IS THE JOB.


Called the Rule of Law. Called respect for women. Called peaceful parenting. We inherited this because people fought and died and darkened the skies with mountains of bodies to keep evil at bay. And WE don’t have to do that. We don’t have to fight with weapons. We only have to stand up and have some uncomfortable dinner parties where we tell people the truth about the reality of the world. That’s all we have to do! Nobody has to crucify themselves. Nobody has to throw themselves on a funeral pyre. Nobody has to garrotte themselves with a fish knife. All we have to do is speak the truth and shame the devil. That is your one job. It is far less than what our ancestors did to achieve the civilization that we are so relentlessly squandering away. In cowardice. In silence.

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