Exposing Government – Revealing Truth, Political Correctness Flaws, Crimes and Outright Incompetence

We grow up being taught that government watches out for us (it’s no accident that government funded schools teach us this). We think they are like a parent looking out for our best interests. We are told that government are people we vote in so they must represent the people.

Well, at a time when government approval rates are at their lowest in 60 years; a time when the digital age of information reveals many of the crimes and corruption going on in the higher ranks of power in our country; any thinking individual can easily conclude that these are just humans in these positions of power. And people are flawed. ALL of human history shows that power corrupts people and when given too much of it, people will do anything to fight to the death to keep it.

Which is why, over 200 years ago, the Founding Fathers sought to create the first government whose powers were limited by the law of the land, the U.S. Constitution. They knew the fallacy of the human condition and didn’t want temptation or power to allow a small elite group of people to abuse their power over everyone else. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the U.S. government from growing into the monstrosity that it is today.

Here are a few people and organizations doing their part to expose and reveal the massive corruption and incompetence of the government. Hopefully, this will motivate more people to stop looking to the government for handouts and “help” and looking to themselves, loved ones, and their community instead.


There is a cry all over the Internet that Americans are incredibly misinformed and ignorant. This may be correct if research company Ipsos Mori’s ignorance index is to be believed; the United States is only second to Italy as the most ignorant out of the 14 developed countries they studied.

Here is a link to that study:  http://ipsos-mori-almanac.co.uk/how-ignorant-are-we/

This could be funny, especially on display by comedy shows like the historical Jay Walking episodes, but it isn’t funny when we realize that citizens have no idea what legislation is going through congress and how these laws can effect your business and daily life.

(The only thing I disagree with in this article is the author’s use of the word ‘democracy’ pertaining to the U.S. government. We are a ‘republic’, not a democracy. Every democracy in history has failed.)

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This should scare the bejeezus out of all of you. Senior official from Dept of Homeland Security goes full libtard during Senate hearing.

When a Senior Department of Homeland Security is this clueless, you’ve got to question government and the wasteful use of taxpayers’ money. If she worked for a private institution she would be immediately fired because of her ineptness. But government just keeps these morons in their jobs until the end of time.

And they keep wasteful, inefficient programs running no matter what. Government hates to shrink. They never want to cut programs or employees that would make them smaller. Keep in mind that our Founding Fathers wanted a small, limited federal government.


This should scare the bejeezus out of all of you. Senior DHS o…

This should scare the bejeezus out of all of you. Senior DHS official goes full libtard during Senate hearing.

Posted by LibTard on Sunday, December 13, 2015


exposed: President obama thinks that because he’s president he’s above the law

They say you should always judge a man by his actions and not necessarily by what he says. Well, by the actions of our current president, Barack Obama, his actions lead me to conclude that he thinks U.S. laws are for just us, the commoners. And even though we do not call him ‘King’ he seems to run around acting like he is one. Below is just one of hundreds of law violations Obama has engaged in during his presidency.

Obama forced ObamaCare on an unwilling public through bribery and lying about its cost.

Obama managed to secure passage of ObamaCare by one vote in the Senate by bribing senators. He bribed Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska with the notorious “Cornhusker Kickback.” He bribed Senator Mary Landrieu with the infamous $300 million “Louisiana Purchase.”

In addition, Obama knowingly and blatantly lied to America and to Congress about how much ObamaCare would really cost. The cost of ObamaCare to the American people over the next 10 years will not be less than $1 TRILLION, as Obama promised in his nationally televised speech to the nation. Instead, the real cost of ObamaCare to the Federal Treasury is $2.4 TRILLION, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

But the true cost of ObamaCare is more like $10 TRILLION when you factor in the cost to the states, the cost to individual Americans who are now required to purchase Obama-approved health plans (the “Individual Mandate”), the cost of exploding health insurance premiums, the $716 billion ObamaCare steals from Medicare, and the increased cost to businesses of complying with ObamaCare mandates.

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IT’s not just the u.s. government – power is more seductive, more delicious, more addictive than any drug on earth

Meanwhile, over England….

Journalist, Heather Brooke, uncovered the British Parliamentary financial expenses that led to a major political scandal in 2009. She urges us to ask our leaders questions through platforms like Freedom of Information requests — and to finally get some answers.

She says you must have two real qualities when you come to the table of dealing with power because of its seductive capacity. Skepticism. And Humility.

If you don’t have skepticism and humility, then it’s a really short journey to go from reformer to autocrat. You only have to read Animal Farm to get that message about how power corrupts people.

A lot of countries have official secrets acts, including in Britain, they have the Official Secrets Act with no public interests test. So that means it’s a crime – people are punished quite severely in a lot of cases – for publishing or giving away “official” information. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had an official disclosure act where officials were punished if they were found to have suppressed or hidden information that was in the public interest?

What we find, the closer we get to the heart of power the more opaque and closed it becomes. London’s metropolitan police commissioner was talking about why the police need access to all our communications. Spying on us without any judicial oversight. He said it was a matter of life and death, he actually said life and death. There was no evidence. He presented no evidence of that. It was just “Because I say so. You have to trust me. Take it on faith.”

People! We are back to the pre-enlightenment church! (where people were told that the Catholic priests – who were in cahoots with the government – were the only messengers of God and everyone had to obey the priests on faith)

Watch her insightful and entertaining TED Talks:

report corruption ~ expose government

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) has a long history of working with individuals daring to expose corruption. Many of these individuals with whom POGO has worked choose to keep their identity hidden from the public and even to POGO itself.

If you have information regarding fraudulent or wasteful activities in the government or the industries it regulates, and you would like to expose it in order to keep the government accountable to its citizens, please contact them.

The Freedom Friend uses the standard of freedom to measure if policies, laws, or arguments are right and fair for everyone. Our Founding Fathers created a document unlike any other in history. The United States Constitution. It gave American citizens – ALL citizens – protection of their freedoms and natural rights by limiting the power of the government. In all of human history, government has always oppressed the masses. Not companies. Not corporations. But tyrants. Dictators. Monarchs. Autocrats. Royal families. Governments. The people in charge of our laws, money creation, and military. Our goal is to help people recognize politicians’ truth, or hidden agendas, by using the measurement of universal freedom for everyone to make better life decisions.

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3 thoughts on “Exposing Government – Revealing Truth, Political Correctness Flaws, Crimes and Outright Incompetence

  1. How about the abuse of taxpayer’s money in Washington’s relentless warmongering, and the blatant lying to engineer yet more bloody conflicts in the interests of the 1 percent. We die; they get rich. And we just keep chanting those brainless patriotic slogans, and saying ‘“ support our troops” without questioning why they are being sent off to die. Anyone, after Iraq, should know that America does not ‘help’ any country. Iraq was an engineered conflict that was the USA’s punishment to Iran for abandoning the US dollar to trade it’s oil. It is well known to be based on lies, and that the ‘evidence’ provided by the CIA was wrong. That aggressive invasion by the US left over 100000 Iraquis dead, and 36000 Americans maimed or killed. And the warmongering continues. Why the amnesia about the USA’s role and lies that engineered the bloody conflict that was the Korean War that decimated that country. Why ignore the fact that US troops have surrounded Korea’s borders for 60 years, and we have regularly practised ‘war games’ on it’s very borders, while we have had US nukes in the waters surrounding their coast. How would we feel? Can you blame them for wanting to protect themselves? We ignore the nuclear non proliferation treaty, but use it as an excuse to threaten ‘first nuclear strikes’ at other sovereign nations. We are disgusting. Our crimes since WW2 far outreach even those of Nazi Germany. The warmongering continues unabated no matter who the ‘president’ is. With over 900 military bases worldwide, Washington has Imperialistic ambitions on a scale the world has never seen before. Our shame will be our legacy in history. Where is truth, justice, integrity? Really caring about our country would be wanting it to be moral, and just. And Trump’s having the military take an oath of obedience to the president is against the constitution. Their oath is to the constitution, and they have a moral obligation to disobey unlawful orders. Read it. An oath to obey the ‘president’ ( especially in his illegal warmongering) is reminiscent of Hitler.

    • Agree with you on the wars. The global elites (see those in Brussels), as well as the deep state in DC make ALOT of money with wars. So they want to keep them going. Trump was the first president in decades to not start any major war. That’s why the global elites hate him and the deep state. The Democrats today are the party for war. If one hasn’t recognized that by now, I suggest a little more research. The biggest enemy to Americans and all citizens around the world is central banking. Hands down. It’s what funds the wars. It’s what transfers wealth from the typical American to the wealthy elite. It’s what further impoverishes middle and lower income citizens. It’s the “stealth” tax that 99% of people around the world don’t know about nor understand.

  2. Sorry, Freudian slip: it should read, “Iraq was an engineered conflict that was the USA’s punishment to Iraq for …”

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