What Happens When You Try to Get a Wedding Cake for Gays from a Muslim Bakery? (video)

Want to know what happens if you try to order a wedding cake for a gay wedding from a Muslim bakery?

Yeah, I did too!

Which is why I watched and posted this great video by Steve Crowder showing Muslims exercising their freedom of religion. And gays and liberals are NOT MAKING A STINK ABOUT IT! The hypocrisy is colossal.

I think it’s everyone’s freedom to refuse business if they are not comfortable with the job.

All this hoopla we are seeing about gays not getting wedding cakes or photographers isn’t about cake or gays feeling like their rights are taken away. This is about ego. This is about targeting and punishing Christians. Why is it always a Christian baker? A Christian photographer? Why haven’t we seen lawsuits against Muslim bakers? Muslim photographers?

Gays need to stop using their freedom to restrict the freedoms of others. People are scoffing at the idea that Christians are losing their religious freedoms but it’s simple, they are.

Christians are getting attacked for their beliefs and being handed down horrendous court rulings for exercising their personal freedom. When a court can hand down a $135,000 judgment because of someone’s refusal to bake a cake, we have lost our sanity, our common sense, and our liberties.

This is nothing like the fight for civil liberties. People like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King were fighting government discrimination. Laws that prevented their freedom.

Today’s liberals and gays already have those liberties. In these cases, they are attacking individuals’ freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Can you see the monumental distinction?

Separation of church and state was not to protect the State from religion. It was to protect people from the State restricting their freedom to practice their religion in their lives.

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