A Poisoned River – One More Instance of Ruling Elite in U.S. Not Subject To Its Own Laws

As a native Coloradan myself, I can barely stand to look at the gorgeous blue waters of one of our incredible rivers tainted by the sickening environmental mistake of the EPA 's  actions.

As a native Coloradan myself, I can barely stand to look at the gorgeous blue waters of one of our incredible rivers tainted by the sickening environmental mistake of the EPA‘s actions.

A disastrous three million gallon toxic mining waste spill into Colorado’s Animas River, caused by the Environmental Protection Agency, is proving to Americans, yet again, that when the government is the culprit, no one is held accountable. Their actions show that government officials think so highly of themselves, they believe under the umbrella of government that they are not subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

“If a mining operator or other private business caused the spill to occur, the EPA would be all over them…the EPA admits fault and, as such, must be accountable and held to the same standard.”(1)

And yet, the EPA has announced that they will not be paying any penalties or fines for the Animas River contamination that they were admittedly responsible for.

Huh? How is that possible?

Thomas Sansonetti, a former assistant attorney general for the division of environment and natural resources under the Justice Department said the answer is simple: “Sovereign immunity. The government doesn’t fine itself.”

Well, that’s extremely convenient for the government. They pass laws on us. Then they give themselves immunity so they are not subject to those laws. That all sounds very un-corrupt.

Perhaps if the government doesn’t fine itself, “We the People” can fine the government? Maybe all the people they will negatively affect for the next 50 years with all those toxic metals resting in the river bed can fine the government?

The spill has spread from Colorado into New Mexico and now into Utah — affecting over 100 river miles. Nice job EPA.

To read more on the EPA refusing to be held accountable for their actions, EPA will not be paying out penalties over Animas River spill, claims “Sovereign Immunity” by Liberty Upward, please click here.

This Washington Times article said it best:

“Washington politicians are unbelievably arrogant. They think of themselves as the center of the universe while simultaneously thinking they should be above the laws they create for everyone else.

Martin Luther King Jr. described accurately that a law is unjust if a group compels it on others without making it binding to itself. Congress has given us all too many examples of this type of unjust law, with Obamacare being the most recent example.”

Read the rest of the Washington Times article here.

Plus, somehow, in a mad play of remarkable switcheroo, Democrats and the mainstream media have figured out a way to turn the blame of the river contamination from the government onto private corporations.

Not only that, they are now proposing yet another law for the books.They want more taxes to be extracted from the mining industry (more revenue for the government, right?). Not only will government not pay the fine for their mistake, but they want to pass a law to lift even more money from the private sector! As if they don’t get enough as it is.

And like every good political message that they want support on, they threw in the added benefit of “more jobs” (government jobs, of course, that don’t grow the economy) to go with their new law.

1. http://libertyupward.com/epa-will-not-be-paying-out-penalties-over-animas-river-spill-claims-sovereign-immunity/

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