The Tragic Mess of The American Dream (29 min animation)



  • Do you understand what really caused the housing crash in 2008?

  • Do you understand what really caused the tech bubble crash in 2000?

  • Do you know that our financial system is currently set up to impoverish you with a stealthy tax?

  • Do you know how your money is created?

  • Do you know how your money is supposed to be created?

  • Do you know what the Federal Reserve really is?

  • Do you know how the Federal Reserve affects your daily life?

  • Did you know the Federal Reserve’s policies are the reasons behind the growing income gap in America between the wealthy and the poor?

  • Do you know how Rome fell?

  • Do you know how all these questions are tied together?


Then you should watch this entertaining, educating, South Park style, animated short that will help you answer all of these questions. From the talented team, The Provocateur Network, they cram a lot of information into this little film about how the American people have been duped, manipulated, and exploited by the American government to create the current financial system that is controlled by the banks. It’s a good start to really understanding our financial and monetary systems and how our politicians and bankers benefit from this.

This film is pretty fast paced, so if you’re new to these concepts, you will definitely want to watch it a few times to grasp all of its nuances. Luckily, it’s easy to watch.

The American people are losing their wealth unknowingly because of massive inflation of our fiat currency, the government’s debt – our money that they spend so wastefully and arrogantly, and business killing over-regulation. If you don’t know what any of that means, this cartoon is a good start.

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