An International Love Story and the Importance of Freedom (Video)

I'm American. He's British. We met in Malaysia. Had our first date in Singapore. And here we are in China. You just can't get any more international!

I’m American. He’s British. We met in Malaysia. Had our first date in Singapore. And here we are in China. You just can’t get any more international!

I have been on a grand adventure for the last three years!

Falling in love. Traveling around the world. Living abroad. And most excitingly, seeing my years of study of economics and government systems come to real life in all the countries I have been blessed to visit.

Traveling the world has eased my mind about certain things, as well as introduced greater concerns into my heart. For example, it’s good to see that so much of the fear mongering from America’s media about other nations is just…false. Sri Lanka is not filled with terrorists, Cambodia is very safe to travel through, and everyone speaks English in Singapore.

Where’s the freedom? The prosperity?

My greatest concern is the number of nations that offer freedom and prosperity to its citizens. It’s almost none. There are just too many countries with oppressive governments and impoverished people. Even Western nations, like Australia and England, have far too much government and chains in their lives.

An old, tiny 3 bedroom house in Sydney, Australia can easily cost upwards of $2M. Not because of supply and demand. But because of inflation created by their central bank and government, a silent tax that most Aussies have no idea about. Who can afford $2M for a tiny house? That’s not prosperity.

American exceptionalism.

People want to discount Americans when we talk about American exceptionalism. But America is exceptional. Scratch that. America WAS exceptional. We used to have a free market system that allowed for innovation and invention. A capitalist system that allocated resources in efficient ways, allowed for real competition which led to an abundance of quality products at super low prices for consumers. A system that created the wealthiest nation and the highest standard of living that ever existed in the world.

A blue collar worker with no college degree could live in a sizable house and support a family of four on one income. No more. Now most families in America can barely afford their lifestyles with a two parent income flowing in.

America looks like socialist Europe.

Today, America looks like any other big government, socialist European nation going bankrupt. And that is the greatest tragedy. Especially since that was the very thing our Founding Fathers were running away from.

Traveling the world has made me see that Ronald Reagan was right. “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” There is no country in the world right now with the economic freedom and prosperity that 19th century America once had. Not. A. One.

The free market is the one and only formula that has proven time and again to bring prosperity to the masses.

This is why I advocate so strongly for America to return to its free market, capitalistic roots. We haven’t seen real free market policies in decades. Definitely not in my lifetime. End this dependence on our government. Stop the runaway debt that the government keeps piling on us. Stop believing they are looking out for you. They are throwing the American people under the bus. The Freedom Friend exists to shed light on these issues and offer solutions.

The free market is by no means perfect, but it has historically proven to be the most prosperous formula for any country. The beautiful thing about the free market is freedom for all of us to choose our own desires and paths and equal freedom for all.

Check out my international love story!

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