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It’s tough to find the time, or the will, to read long, drawn out articles or books filled with info that, let's face it, many times are super depressing or just really extensive. The info may be super valuable, and most likely contains the information that can save Western Civilization and our Freedoms, but you know, we're tired. And busy. And wanted to watch that Netflix show…

So I've created FREEDOM QUICKIES for you. Bite-sized, liberty, truth nuggets from intelligent writers, journalists, professors, economists, philosophers, doctors, etc…so you can at least have some reality-based 'food for thought' each day and make better decisions for you. Which is good for all of us. Consume them one at a time, or you can binge read them! Maybe even 10 in a row!

If you want something longer, with more detail and info, my Freedom Blog should satisfy that craving. Or click through and read/watch the books, videos, and articles related to each Freedom Quickie.

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