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About The Freedom Friend

We are a digital media company focused on presenting the resources and research behind the ideas and morals of Western Civilization and Judeo Christian values.

We aim to help you improve your life with careful understanding on how economics, politics, freedom, money, and personal morality work in reality. We present you with the literature, videos, and people who think, discuss, debate, publish, look at both sides, and delve into truths vs. “lies that feel good.”

What’s Our Mission?

To give you the essential tools and info you need to build the most moral and best life possible for yourself. If everyone builds their best life, America rises. America improves. Americans will have a better standard of living again. Americans can live free again.

These are the lessons you will never learn in our traditional government schools.

We focus a lot on economic freedom because the good health of any economy depends on it.

Extensive research, and thousands of years of human history, show that the more freedom the citizens of a country enjoy; the more free market capitalism that they participate in; the more prosperous the entire country is.

We don’t want just the few elites in government or royals to enjoy prosperity. We want it for the whole country. America’s Constitution and free market system guided us to becoming the most prosperous and successful citizenry that ever existed, not forced to bow to a government or king.



I wish that most Americans were grateful for their freedoms and first class economic status the way first gen Americans are. But they aren’t. Nowhere near it. I am first generation American. And there are no words to express how grateful I am to be born here and nowhere else.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter. I find it tragic that so many of today’s Americans haven’t learned from history’s brutal past. From past people’s lack of personal freedoms, past governments’ oppressions, and the murderous and horrific consequences of it. Many Americans today are soft, weak, and complain about the most inconsequential things.

I’m sick of identity politics. Period. Personal responsibility and individual identity are the hallmarks to a moral free society.

As a mother, there is nothing I treasure more than my daughter and her welfare. I want her to grow up with the freedoms only the United States provides through its Constitution, its checks and balances in government, and Judeo Christian Western values. We named my daughter Freedom because it is that important.

Too many Americans don’t understand the danger of too much power in the hands of ANY government.

It is no secret that mainstream media and the majority of universities in America are left-leaning. More and more independent reporters, journalists, and philosophers are cropping up on YouTube, and networks like Daily Wire and CRTV are filling the gap for reporting with common sense, truth, philosophy, and an appreciation for the American system with the most freedom and economic prosperity than any nation in the history of mankind.

The info on this site is dedicated to my baby and other Americans who care about rule of law, the Constitution, and the plight of the American people (not government elites or people who want to get free stuff). I researched and created my own content for years until I had my baby. Now, with what little time I have, I curate top hand-picked resources for The Freedom Friend. This is the information I want my baby to grow up with, to learn, to understand, and to implement in her life.

Resources and people included here are: Jordan Peterson, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Michelle Malkin, Erwin McManus, Dave Rubin, and countless others who are voices of reason, common sense, facts, and morals. These thought leaders and commentators publish long form content that discusses politics, human psychology, policies, truths, lies, morals, economics, money, religion, etc. Please listen to them with an open heart. If you have questions or disagreements, contact them. All of them encourage discussion and Freedom of Speech. They shut no one’s speech down.

This hand selected info can improve your lifestyle, savings, retirement, investments, career, family, relationships, and values and morals. You must understand the big picture as well as the minute details. Only then can you make smart decisions for you and your loved ones.

This is about your standard of living. The prosperous American lifestyle and standard of living are on life support. Why? Economic freedom and personal freedoms are getting strangled more and more everyday by leftist radicals. Our value system is breaking. Our government has grown too big. Their spending has already bankrupted us. Their regulations choke innovation. Their excessive laws choke liberty. The life you dream of building is slowly getting choked.


Michelle’‘s Journey Towards More Freedom, Morality, and Prosperity

I was just walking along life, smelling the roses, acting and modeling, going my merry, clueless way, and then…bam! 2007. A guy named Ron Paul was on TV. He said some stuff that made me think.


He was a Congress member running in the Republican primaries for President of the United States. I kept seeing him on TV and he kept talking about things I had never heard of before but they sounded relevant to my life. What he was saying made practical sense. And no one else was saying what he was saying.

So I bought Ron Paul’s book. And got confused!

It wasn’t until I became friends with other industry experts and economists who really knew this stuff inside and out that I started to get it. They explained concepts to me like I was a second grader. That’s right. I asked them to. It was hard for me to grasp at first. I needed all these concepts to be spelled out for me. Literally. Thank goodness for those patient friends.

Not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to be friends with economists and experts. So, because I think this information is really important for your life, I want to be that friend for you. 


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