More Proof Why Capitalism is Humane and Socialism Kills and Impoverishes the Masses



These two countries are within a few miles of each other. In fact, you can see the other’s islands from the shores of each country. But the two countries could not be more different. Singapore engages in free market capitalism and their Economic Freedom Rank is 2nd in the world. At the time of this writing they are the 3rd richest country in the world per capita. Indonesia, on the other hand, is governed by a socialist government. Indonesia’s Economic Freedom Rank is 99th in the world and they are the 3rd poorest country in Asia. Imagine having to live in the poverty of Indonesia and witness from your shores Singapore’s prosperity on a daily basis. How frustrating to think that you were born just 28 miles too far from that free market capitalism.



The Freedom Friend: Michelle

The Freedom Friend uses the measuring stick of freedom to measure if policies, laws, or arguments are right and fair for everyone. Try it. If you believe in something, ask yourself "Is it fair and equal to everyone? Or just to some groups?"

Our Founding Fathers created a document unlike any other in history. The United States Constitution. It gave American citizens - ALL citizens - protection of their freedoms and natural rights by limiting the power of the government.

In all of human history, GOVERNMENTS have always oppressed the masses. Not companies. Not corporations. But tyrants. Dictators. Monarchs. Autocrats. Royal families. Governments. The people in charge of our laws, money creation, and military.

My goal is to help people recognize politicians' truths, lies, and hidden agendas, by using the measurement of universal freedom for everyone to make better life decisions.

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