Government's Job is to Protect Your Values, Not to Dictate Your Values


“…but to protect them. In a free country, you choose values and then use your own money as a tool to achieve them. But a value-rigged tax policy reverses this cause and effect - it uses your money against you, bribing you with tax breaks that let you keep some of your earning in exchange for abandoning your preferred values.” -Yaron Brook

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If We Truly Valued Education, We Would Teach Financial Literacy


“We would teach people financial literacy because we would recognize that money is a central and important aspect of our existence…Why continue advocating a [school] system that is designed to create cogs instead of freethinkers and a system designed to suppress financial knowledge rather than create financially literate people who can prosper in a capitalist system?” -Robert Kiyosaki

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The Welfare Experiment Has Been a Huge Failure

A SICK SYSTEM: “Since people are not decent and compassionate enough to assist their deserving fellows in distress, we must expect them to somehow elect politicians who are more decent and compassionate than they are. Those politicians will then take money from them under threat of imprisonment, launder it through an expensive bureaucracy, and spend what’s left not to actually solve the [poverty] problem but to manage it into perpetuity for endless dependency, demagoguery and political gain.” - Lawrence W. Reed

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Venezuela's Socialism vs. Chile's Free Market Capitalism

Chile has a system with more free market capitalism than any Latin American country…and is the most prosperous in Latin America. Their economic freedom rank is number 7 in the world.

Then you look at Venezuela, which is pure socialism. They rank 176th in the economic freedom scale and they are experiencing economic collapse, countrywide hunger, widespread illnesses, looting, violent crime, etc…

Socialism always leads to running out of other people’s money and leaving everyone destitute. Always. It cannot end any other way.

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