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About Our Company

We are an economically and socially conscious digital media company. We are woman-owned and aim to make money, economics, freedom, and government info more interesting, relevant and useful in your life.

What is The Freedom Friend?

The Freedom Friend is your source for real, straight up answers about money, the economy, our personal liberties. personal values, and our government. Plus, articles, videos, tools, resources, products, and programs from thought leaders you can use to improve your life and business.

Why did you build The Freedom Friend?

I built this site because in 2007 I was looking for information about the economy, my money, and government that was relevant, easy to understand, and usable in my life. I was sorely disappointed by my inability to find it. The heavy weight influencers who spread their wisdom on liberty, money, and the economy have awesome information but it's not always easy to understand.

Even though these intellectual giants have fascinating books and websites filled to the brim with pragmatic economic and money information, I know the average American struggles to fully comprehend the message. I know I did. 

There were no sites that pulled all the info together easily to show how this info is important in our real lives.

After seven long years of intense study, research, travel, interviews, reading, watching, experiencing, and just pure learning, I'm compiling it and categorizing it in one easy place for you.

What's Your Mission?

To give you the essential tools and info you need to build the best life possible for yourself. If everyone builds their best life, well, America rises. America improves. Americans will have a better standard of living again. Americans can live free again.

We focus a lot on economic freedom because the good health of any economy depends on it. Extensive research, and thousands of years of human history, show that the more freedom the citizens of a country enjoy; the more free market capitalism that they participate in; the more prosperous the entire country is. Not just the few elites in government or royals. The whole country. America was proof positive of that.

We will show you how to make wiser decisions concerning your education, your career, your investing, your business, your relationships, and yes, even your shopping – clothes, food, cosmetics, you name it.

These are the lessons you never learned in school.


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What do you mean when you say you offer sensible economics for the stuff in my life?

Many of us slog through long workdays, cart our kids around to school, dance, or soccer practice, cook at home, have some family time, then pass out. Followed by super full weekend plans. Who has time for anything else?

We didn't invent the wheel. This stuff isn't new. In fact, all the information we provide to you here is out in the world. But who has the time to decipher through millions of sources of content, decipher what's right and wrong, gather, sort, and then finally learn? Okay fine. We did. But we're a bit obsessed with it. You, on the other hand, have a life. So we made one place where you can get the tools and honest info with ease and interest. Welcome to The Freedom Friend.

If you feel helpless about rising prices and static incomes and you're unsure of what kind of investments you should be making because you don't have proper economic and money knowledge, you are in the right place.

If you feel uncertain of how the economy will affect your business in the future because of a lack of knowing what the economy is doing and why, you are in the right place.

How does Michelle know about this?

Me, walking around life cluelessly enjoying the flowers and laughing it up in my carefree way. Nowadays, I walk around (knowledgeably) laughing and smelling flowers.

Me, walking around life cluelessly enjoying the flowers and laughing it up in my carefree way. Nowadays, I walk around (knowledgeably) laughing and smelling flowers.

I was just walking along life, smelling the roses, acting and modeling, going my merry, clueless way, and then...bam! 2007. A guy named Ron Paul was on TV. He said some stuff that made me think.


He was a Congress member running in the Republican primaries for President of the United States. I kept seeing him on TV and he kept talking about things I had never heard of before but they sounded relevant to my life. What he was saying made practical sense. And no one else was saying what he was saying.

So I bought Ron Paul's book. And got confused!

It wasn't until I became friends with other industry experts and economists who really knew this stuff inside and out that I started to get it. They explained concepts to me like I was a second grader. I kid you not. It was hard for me to grasp at first. I needed it spelled out for me. Literally. Thank goodness for those friends.

Not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to be friends with economists and experts. So, because I think this information is really important for your life, I want to be that friend for you. 


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BONUS: Report about your money & savings you need to know.

Okay, I need this info in my life. What do you want me to do?

Just keep visiting us and participating with comments and questions. You'll want to sign up below for our tips and updates so you'll know when we have something new for you. Our community of subscribers like being notified when we post stuff we think you'll like. Plus, we offer tips and free stuff that only our subscribers are privvy to.

Because all the topics we share with you can easily go into more depth, at the end of each post, we offer our suggestions on resources you might like to read or watch to know more about it. Sometimes we'll use affiliate links for some of our suggested products so it helps us out if you click through our links to make purchases. We never refer any product that we ourselves would not 100% use. These are resources we use for our own learning.

We will continue to evolve and so will our site

Ok, here's the deal. Our site is a work in progress and will continue to evolve. We will continue to add new content and helpful products as we find them. We promise to keep our site continuously up-to-date, fresh, and relevant.