I'm first-gen American. The hybrid child of two immigrants, a Russian-Jewish dad from Poland and a Chinese mum from Malaysia. Born and raised in America. Yep, made in the USA.

America's Awesomeness.

My mum and dad immigrated, separately, from two different socialist countries. Countries where the governments enjoy obscene amounts of control and power. Governments that don't relish giving their citizens very much freedom or opportunity. Why would they? It would lessen their control and power.

Citizens' dreams, goals, and desires don't thrive in places like that. Violence, force, and theft are masters in those countries.

So my Mum and Dad immigrated to America and met there.

Why America?

  1. Economic opportunity.

  2. Freedom.

  3. Equality.

  4. Fundamental rights.

  5. And rule of law to protect the first 4 things.

But even my Mum and Dad, who are so grateful to have gotten to immigrate and live in the Land of the Free recognize that the land isn't really that free anymore. A growing, intrusive government has taken over. And our citizens have let them.

The enemy has come from within.


Freedom is the exception, not the rule, for mankind

Human kind has had more than TWENTY-FIVE CENTURIES of brutal, murderous, despotic, merciless history that finally led to the ONE almost free country on earth...and we have managed to let most of those freedoms slip away into the night in just TWO centuries.

Americans still live a better lifestyle than most around the world.

That's because we're still propped up on the fumes of our once magnificent engine of economic freedom, free markets and prosperity that lasted for over a century.

But those fumes are dissipating. Soon the smoke will clear and we will find ourselves standing in the harsh, impoverished reality of the choices we have made. Most Americans are going to despair.

You can do something to alter this course just by making good and moral choices in your life.

I want to regain the unique value that America once had.


An important truth

Money affects us all. It is neither evil nor good. It is a form of trade. And we live in a world where we cannot exist without money and trade. Simple. Know it. Use it.

Fairy tales of societies with no money or trade don’t exist - you might as well sing the praises of unicorns and the Easter Bunny. There is no economic sense or reality in that kind of thinking.

Hundreds of millions of people have suffered and perished in nations striving to live without money and trade. Communist countries like the USSR, China, Khmer Rouge, North Korea, and other like them tout the “nice” things about communism but the despotic rulers and suffering citizens are the reality.


I have 3 Asks - An open heart, an open mind, and The desire for a good, moral life and country.

There’s a good chance you’ll be introduced to ideas and concepts that you are unfamiliar with. I was, when I started researching. They might challenge current ideas you support.

I encourage you to understand the concepts fully before deciding on them. If they still don't make sense to you after giving them a sporting chance, fair enough. But that has never happened yet! Everyone who makes the effort, willingly, understands these concepts.


Bio Summary

Michelle holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications.

A leftist-liberal for most of her life, after extensive research, and some life-changing epiphanies, Michelle became a conservative libertarian.

She is working on a book and can be found spreading the message of liberty and economics at various freedom events around the country.

Michelle is available for interviews and as a guest commentator on internet and YouTube shows, TV and radio shows.


Click here for Michelle's story on how and why she changed from being a leftist to becoming more Constitutionally minded.