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Welcome to The Freedom Friend! I'm Michelle.

Here’s what I want. For myself, my family, and for you.

My original goal for this site was to help you add more value to your life along with regaining the values and freedoms that America once had.

And I still have this goal.

I had a baby recently and her future is the most important thing to me Now.

As she grows, I need her to understand how reality works and not get deluded by “feel good” ideas that are idealogical and perpetuated by main stream media.

I desire for her to live in a prosperous, free, and moral country.

So everything I post to this website from here on out, is dedicated to teaching her the moral lessons in life that have taken me decades to learn about. I want these lessons to guide her towards finding her purpose, joy, success and prosperity.

And hopefully, you, and a lot of other people, can gain from the time, effort, and money I’m investing into this endeavor.

I want to regain the unique value that America once had.

I have traveled to over 35 countries around the world in the last 10 years. One thing they all have in common — no secure freedoms in their laws and cultures. But America has that with its Constitution and government setup.

Except for the super rich and the small ruling elite, citizens of most countries have little opportunity (definitely no equal opportunity), no economic freedom, and few personal liberties to pursue their dreams.

many Western countries in the last few decades have taken significant steps backwards from freedom.

Even the U.S. is departing from our rule of law and stretching our arms out to the rule of men. The very thing that is in direct opposition to America's DNA and the whole point of our independence.

Human kind has had more than TWENTY-FIVE CENTURIES of brutal, murderous, despotic, merciless history that finally led to the ONE almost free country on earth...and we have managed to let most of those freedoms slip away into the night in just TWO centuries.

Americans still live a better lifestyle than most around the world.

That's because we're still propped up on the fumes of our once magnificent engine of economic freedom, free markets and prosperity that lasted for over a century.

But those fumes are dissipating. Soon the smoke will clear and we will find ourselves standing in the harsh reality of the choices we have made. Most Americans are going to despair.

You can do something to alter this course just by making good choices in your life.

What The Freedom Friend offers.

Ideas. Knowledge. Conversation. Facts.

If you know how things work, your decisions will change. Your life will change. America will change.

I ask you for three things - An open heart, an open mind, and a real desire for a good, moral life.

You might be introduced to ideas and concepts that you are unfamiliar with. They might challenge current ideas you support.

I encourage you to understand the concepts fully before deciding on them. If they still don't make sense to you after giving them a sporting chance, fair enough. But that has never happened yet! Everyone who makes the effort willingly understands these concepts.


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I cherish liberty because it is what allows each of us to freely pursue love, God, goals, success, prosperity, and build an elevated lifestyle.

I cherish liberty because it is what allows each of us to freely pursue love, God, goals, success, prosperity, and build an elevated lifestyle.

Personal Stuff

I have entrepreneurial tendencies, love for God, and an unusual obsession for freedom in my life and in yours.

I'm first-gen American. The hybrid child of two immigrants, a Russian-Jewish dad from Poland and a Chinese mum from Malaysia. Born and raised in America. Yep, made in the USA.

In my life, I got to pursue passions that most people around the world don't even know to dream about. Know why? Yep. Freedom.

Had I lived where my Mum and Dad grew up, no chance.

One thing I love is my last name. It feels like divine providence. Liberman is derived from the Latin root "Liber" meaning "Liberty" or "Free". Do you see where this is going? You do, right?

My God given family name means "Free man"! If that's not divinely fitting, I just don't know what is!

America's Awesomeness.

My Mum and Dad immigrated, separately, from two different Socialist countries. Countries where governments enjoy obscene amounts of control and power. Governments that don't relish giving their citizens very much freedom or opportunity. Why would they? It would lessen their control and power.

Citizens' dreams, goals, and desires don't thrive in places like that. Violence, force, and theft are masters in those countries.

So Mum and Dad immigrated to America and met there.

Why America?

  1. Economic opportunity.

  2. Freedom.

  3. Equality.

  4. Fundamental rights.

  5. And rule of law to protect the first 4 things.

But even my Mum and Dad, who are so grateful to have gotten to live in the Land of the Free recognize that the land isn't really that free anymore. A growing, intrusive government has taken over. And our citizens have let them.

The enemy has come from within.

My Mission

America's economic environment is shifting. Not in a direction that helps any of us. America is starting to resemble the countries my mum and dad fled from. I want America's success to continue. Not die out in the flame of oppressive government power.

That means I want you to succeed. America, and the world, needs the special God given talents you have inside of you to be shared with the world. Let's set you up so you can share it and prosper from it!

I want people to recognize their economic environment, understand money, and take proper wealth building, freedom supporting actions in their particular, specific circumstances.

Money affects us all. It is neither evil nor good. It is a form of trade. And we live in a world where we cannot exist without money and trade. Simple. Know it. Use it.

Fairy tales of societies with no money or trade might as well sing the praises of unicorns and the Easter Bunny. There is no economic sense or reality in that kind of thinking. People would perish in an environment like that.


Opportunity didn't just fall at my feet. I carved it out myself with the help of God. Created it. I've done nothing "traditional" or "typical" in my life. Or easy. There are no rules. You can design your life.

If you know how the system works you can design it even more effectively. I believe that knowing how money works and how people use it, and that includes how governments use it, needs to be learned by everyone.

I want you to live out your purpose and passions with motivated intention, morals, and good direction. I pray the content on this site can help guide you towards that.

Bio Summary

Michelle holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications.

She is currently traveling throughout Asia and Europe, experiencing and studying other economies, governments, and cultures.

A lefty-liberal for most of her life, after extensive research, and some shocking epiphanies, Michelle became a conservative libertarian.

She is working on a book and can be found spreading the message of liberty and economics at various freedom events around the country.

Michelle is available for interviews and as a guest commentator on internet and YouTube shows, TV and radio shows.

Click here for Michelle's story on how and why she changed from being a leftist to becoming more Constitutionally minded.